Hi Udomsak,

I really appreciate you taking time to give this comment. And thank you for your service taking people where they need to be or bring them food (= happiness).

I might not know the whole story from the drivers’ side to the full but I do understand the struggle. Personally, I always give some tips especially when it’s the long-queue restuarant.

I totally agree Grab could be using their data in a lot better way. And no matter what they decide, it needs consider all the stakeholders, including the drivers like yourself. The retention is not only to be increased from the passenger’s side for sure.

I have been talking to a few drivers to find out more about how it works for you guys hoping I can write another piece of product suggestions from the drivers’ perspective as well.

So thanks again for your input. Feel free to reach out if you have anymore information you think could be useful.

Nice to e-meet you as well ☺

Foodie. Product Owner. Writer. Digital Nomad. https://chalakornberg.com/

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