Best Groceries Delivery in Bangkok from Local who Only Gets Good Stuff

Chalakorn Berg
4 min readAug 15, 2023


Groceries shopping can be overwhelming, especially when you are in a new country. I’ve traveled full-time for eight years and now live in one of the biggest cities in the world, Bangkok, where things are generally overwhelming, so I feel the pain. I believe this article will make your life a little easier by helping you choose the best groceries that suit your style. From pizza delivery speed to the freshest produce. Come rain or come shine, I’ve got you covered :)

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Fastest groceries for when you need them NOW

Foodpanda is the easiest place to get your express groceries. Everything is in English, and you can pay with either a credit card or cash. Easy search bar for whatever you need. Very cheap delivery fee (less than a dollar most of the time) and always come within an hour. Expect the same speed as your delivery pizza — isn’t that crazy?

I use their iOS app both on my iPhone and iPad. Android is here, and the web version is available, so you can also order from your lappy.

The freshest produce and my FAVORITE period

Before Paleo Robbie, I’d never had good experiences ordering fresh produce from any other groceries, including Tops, Gourmet Market, and Foodpanda. They just don’t pick the good stuff my Asian mom would approve. Paleo Robbie saves me from having to leave my cozy bed and plaw through the chaos to get goodies. It just shows up so fast — on the same day!

The app is all in Perfect English and super easy to use. Payment never fails with any credit cards we use. The search feature works amazingly well, making the experience much more enjoyable. From amazing yummy treats by any standard to ready-to-eat meals and shampoos, you can find the best version of almost anything groceries here.

I love how transparent they are with the sources and ingredients they use. I love knowing what’s going into my belly. Why not try to help ourselves feel the best we can by eating the healthiest, freshest most-pure version of food possible? Trust me! They taste better :)

The best of all, the price is reasonable! We found that some stuff is cheaper here than even in the budget supermarket! I adore what these guys are trying to do. They are here to stay!

Paleo Robbie Coupon Code

Use this coupon to get 500THB (15 USD) off your order!


Or just click this link so don’t need to copy the code :)

Disclaimer: I’ll also get small referral fees. I mean — I help you find the best groceries in Bangkok — why not help buy me (and yourself) some yummy meal? I’ve been waiting for the Banana Dipped in Chocolate Coconut goodies to be back in stock, and I’d never live without it in my cupboard again when it does — make sure you give it a try!

Best selection of imported groceries

Villa Market source good stuff locally and definitely is the place to go if you crave imported goods. France butter, Spanish Salami, Middle Eastern Olive, Peru Blueberries, and all kinds of cheese, some of them are exclusive at Villa Market only.

This place is our go-to for stuff that Paleo Robbie doesn’t have, such as Tin Foil, Sodas, Paper Towels, or packs of water. Everything is in English. Credit cards payment never had any issues. The website version is not bad, but I prefer their iOS app. Never tried their Android tho.

The delivery fee is the highest in the market at 90–150THB (~4 USD), but they deliver within the hour and always on time, in one piece. Both are not always the case with groceries delivery in Thailand.

Do you need to Tip delivery people in Thailand?

If you tip people 3 USD, they prob could give you a hug. You can see in their eyes that they really appreciate it. But it’s really not necessary. I always try to do at least 20THB. I honestly can’t appreciate people that go through traffic to get my stuff enough.

What would help if you don’t speak Thai?

It would be super easy if you had a lobby, and they could leave the stuff there. Just make sure you put in the most detailed address possible with your order, like enough that anyone could find it. Add the note to leave in the lobby*** You don’t need to meet them. In fact, this is the way most people in the condo do it. (Wo woooo, Introverts! 🙌)

Paleo Robbie and Villa Market never have issues with deliveries. I never have to pick up the phone. Just order and be done. Foodpanda, I feel like I have to watch it more; that’s just me tho. Clear instructions in a text sent to the driver, of course, always help!

Would your international credit card work?

We’ve tried non-Thai cards, which all work fine with Villa Market and Paleo Robbie. Foodpanda is more 50/50 not sure why.

Feel free to leave any other questions you have below 👇 Happy to help make your time in Bangkok a little easier if I can :)

Together we can create the best guide to groceries delivery!

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